China Arrests Lovestruck Blogger For Crimes Against the State

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China Arrests Lovestruck Blogger For Crimes Against the State

Don't Call it LoveThe People’s Republic of China announced today that is has arrested a young blogger for  “anti-revolution” and “dissident” activities.  Zhū Yǔnwén (朱允炆), a 12 year old from outside Beijing, is accused of inciding sympathies for the Taiwanese and American governments though his posts on Twitter-like microblogging site Weibo and the social networking site Ren-Ren.

Although China imprisions more journalists and bloggers than any other country in the world, Zhu’s posts are notable because they almost exclusively concern the disturbingly cute Cindy Yen ( née 袁咏琳) , an American born-and-raised overseas Taiwanese who is now a Mandarin language pop star based in her parents’ home country. Popular on the mainland and in many Asian countries where Chinese is spoken, Yen performs often in the PRC and unlike some Taiwanese singers in the past is not seen as a political figure in any way.

Yet the content of Zhu’s online activities was sufficiently troublesome to be detected by China’s internet censors, which are on high alert due the current political turmoil in the country. Below is a sample of the young man’s offending tweets, translated from the Mandarin:

  • “You are so beautiful! I think you and I belong together”
  • “I love you so much! You should come live in China with me!’
  • “I wish I were Taiwanese so I could see you!”

Zhu also made posts in broken English attempting to communicate with Yen in her other native language:

  • I love America too! UR from Texas. I want to visit and see Grand Canyon together!
  • We could ride in motorcycle across desert. Think about it!
  • Have you ever been to NYC? I want to see the buildings with you!

Chinese authorities say the implication that the Taipei-based Yen was not already in China was a stinging violation of Bejing’s One-China policy. And in signaling his intention to travel abroad, authorities were concerned the young dissident may defect.

Zhu has not been seen in four days, and is believed to be residing in a reeducation camp somewhere in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

There will be no trial.

His parents could not be reached for comment.

Video: Enjoy the very non-political music of Cindy Yen:



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