Investigation Reveals Cornwall Left U.K. in 2004, Nobody Noticed

Amidst the furor of a potential referendum on Scottish independence, an investigation by The Daily Currant can reveal that the English region of Cornwall left the United Kingdom in 2004 and has been an indepdnent country now for nearly 6 years.

The revelation has sparked curiosity amongst the British public – many of whom had never known the former Celctic kingdom which was incorprated into England in the 11th century had ever been part of the U.K. at all. 

Reached for comment a passerby on the streets of London explained, “I’ve heard of Cornwall. But I always thought it was one of those islands in the middle of nowhere. Like St. Helena or The Falklands or something.”

Prime Minister David Cameron was shocked to learn the news, but vowed to reunite England in the coming days “This looks like a minor paperwork issue. We’ll have this sorted soon.”


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