Following Bill Clinton’s powerful 48 minute speech at the Democratic National Convention, a surprising new poll shows the former U.S. president now running third in the presidental race behind frontrunners Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The TDC Opnion Research survey done overnight now puts President Obama at 42%, Mitt Romney at 40% and newcomer Bill Clinton at 18% – despite the fact that Clinton is not running for office and has endorsed President Obama.

Having already served the limit of two four-year terms, former President Clinton is constitutionally barred from holding another, and should he win as a write-in candidate he will not be able to take office.

A New Arithmetic 

Nevertheless Clinton is now a significant force in the race, and actually leads in four states: Arkansas, West Virginia, Louisiana, and the crucial swing state of Florida.

Experts say his surprising rise will likely cool off in the coming weeks as voters realize that Clinton is ineligible to serve.

But the confusion around Clinton’s status will remain a headache for both the Obama and Romney campaigns in the fall, who will likely have to spend precious resources to remind millions of voters that a vote for Bill Clinton will go to waste.

The new numbers have shocked the political establishment in Washington, but should not have come as a total surprise. Another recent poll found Clinton has a 69% approval rating, higher than any other Democratic political figure.

The full video of the speech can be found below:




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