Todd Akin Claims Women Have Smaller Brains

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Todd Akin Claims Women Have Smaller Brains

U.S. Congressman Todd Akin waded further into controversy today when during a Q and A he suggested that there are disproportionately few women in public office because women have smaller brains than men.

The exchange took place at a busy town hall event in St. Charles, Missouri, where Akin was continuing his quixotic quest to unseat U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

During the Question and Answer portion of Akin’s visit, a 24 year old woman from the local college told Akin that she was torn about who to vote for:

“Hi. I am a young Christian woman who is very pro-life. But I also want to see more women elected into public office. Only 17 out of 100 senators in Washington are women, and Claire McCaskill is one of them. Are you concerned with the lack of represntation of women in government? And what steps are you taking to help more women get into your life of work. Thank You.”

 The No Vagina Monologues

“Well first of all sugarcakes there is one simple reason so few women are elected; the average woman simply lacks the intellectual capacity of a man.”

“Look folks this isn’t rocket science. Take the average woman. Smaller arms. Smaller legs. Smaller hips. Everything on the female human is smaller. Why not the brain?”

“So since this all has to do with how God made us, I don’t know if there is much I can do to help women get into office. Not unless I invent some sort of smart pill or something.”

“You know we heard a lot of this woman in government nonsense when we werre going up against Sarah Steelman“, refering to Missouri’s well regarded state treasurer, whom Akin defeated for the Missouri Republican Party’s Senate nomination.

“But if she was so smart how come I kicked her ass? I mean you got think about that. You really do.”

Hell hath no fury…

Shortly after the incident Akin took to Twitter to defend himself in a series of since-deleted tweets:

He even doubled-down on his remarks:

And then made the case that his views on women’s rights were consistent with his Christian faith:

Akin had been lading in the polls until August 19th, when he told a local talk show host that victims of “legitamate rape” cannot become pregnant. Since then his 10 point lead in the polls has evaporated, with the latest poll showing him neck and neck with McCaskill.

A spokesperson for Claire McKaskill told The Daily Currant that “Todd Akin is just a terrible terrible person and he has no place in the U.S. Senate.”


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