Sandler Nears Goal of Creating Worst Movie Ever Made

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Sandler Nears Goal of Creating Worst Movie Ever Made

Comedian Adam Sandler said today that he is nearing his goal of creating the worst movie of all time.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Currant the SNL alum turned movie star reveals that his decade-long failure to create a critically successful film is no accident, and the streak still has some way to go:

“About ten years ago I decided it would be more fun to punk the studios into making shitty movies than it would be to create good ones,” he explains.

Just Go With It

“It all started when one day my director Dennis Dugan and I decided to pitch an awful movie as a joke. So we pitched this terrible idea about the son of the devil coming to Earth.”

“And the fucking studio execs sat there like lemmings nodding ‘wow that’s brilliant, cutting edge stuff. Very meta.’ ”

“We couldn’t help ourselves. Once we realized they would produce anything we pitched, we wanted to see how far we could go.”

“Gay married to Kevin James? A Mossad hairdresser? A transvestie comedy based on a children’s rhyme? Nothing scared these people off.”

“Every single time we were like ‘there’s no way they’re actually going to greenlight this movie. Someone will say no eventually. They have to! But every single time our production company got the check, and we started shooting. It was amazing.”

From Kabul With Love

Sandler explains that the release of Jack and Jill was a turning point

“When we set the record for Razzie nominations we knew we had the chance to do something special. It might be possible to actually get a studio to produce the worst movie ever made.”

“So we set out to make history. We’ve just finished the script on a movie about a gay, black supermodel who accidentally signs up for the war in Afghanistan thinking he was getting a “free afghan“. He ends up falling in love with a Pashtun tribesman and hilarity ensues. I’ll be playing all the major roles of course, in black-face.”

“Its gonna be a real piece of shit. And we start shooting next month in Morocco. I can’t wait.”

Sander says his next movie will be his last, explaining that the joke has gone too far:

“This has to end at some point. I’m beginning to feel guilty about making so much money as a comedian by being unfunny. But I’m not as guilty as the execs.”

“The last two minutes of From Kabul With Love are just gonna be me explaining to the audience that they’ve been punked and listing the name of every dumbfuck studio executive who said yes to us over the years. Its gonna be awesome.”


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