Jack Welsh: Obama ‘Probably Faked’ Bin Laden Death

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Jack Welsh: Obama ‘Probably Faked’ Bin Laden Death

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welsh waded further into controversy today by claiming that Osama Bin Laden’s death was “probably” staged to help U.S. President Barack Obama win reelection.

In an interview with Canadian business news channel BNN, Welsh explained that although he had no evidence to back up his assertion, something just didn’t “feel right” about Bin Laden’s demise in May 2011.

Welsh was in the studio to discuss his earlier charge that Obama falsified unemployment data to help his political campaign. A report unveiled on Friday showed a major drop in the U.S. unemployment rate from 8.1% to 7.8%. Minutes after the figures were released Welsh tweeted that Obama’s ‘Chicago Boys” had fudged the numbers.

We Bring Good Conspiracies to Life

Host Tyler Brown offered Welsh an opportunity to back up his comments, but he instead jumped at the chance to delve further into conspiracy:

“So Jack you said these ‘Chicago Boys’ will do anything to win the election. What else have they done? Do you have any evidence for any dirty tricks at all?”

“I have no evidence for this,” Welsh responded, “but it seems to me like killing Osama Bin Laden a year before the election is a pretty big coincidence. Some people think Obama faked the death of Bin Laden just to win votes.”

“And…are you one of those people Mr. Welsh?”

“Well… I think he probably faked Bin Laden’s death. Something just doesn’t feel right about the whole story.”

“First off, George Bush spent eight years looking for him. And Bush was one of the most competent, on-the-ball presidents in American history. Are we supposed to believe that Barack Obama did something George Bush couldn’t? That’s absurd. If you believe that I got an igloo in Hawaii I’d like to sell you.”

“And second, I just have a lot of questions. Why did they bury his body at sea? Why did they change their story about what happened during the raid? Why haven’t they released the photos? Its all very very suspicious.”

Little Lunar Lullabies 

Stunned by the brazen conspiratorial musings of one of America’s most respected business-people, Brown tried to offer Welsh a way out:

“So if you were shown the photos, you would believe he is really dead right? You just want transparency?”

“I dunno. Maybe. But how do you know they just didn’t find some Pakistani named Ahmed or whatever and put some ketchup on him? You never know what actually happens in the world. How do you know man actually landed on the moon, for example? Were you there?”

“I was only four years old at the time,” Brown interjected.

“Well okay were you floating around in your space jammies watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon in 1969? Cuz if you weren’t you don’t know for sure what really happened.”

After steering the conversation away from the moon landings, the besieged host tried one last time to reason with Welch before ending the segment:

“So Mr. Welch are you sure you want to make these outrageous claims on live television with absolutely no evidence at all?

“Tyler the problem with evidence is that sometimes it forces you to believe things you don’t want to believe,” Welsh responded. “As a proud Republican, that’s just not something I’m prepared to do.”


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