Tony Abbott: ‘PMS Is a Serious Disease’

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Tony Abbott: ‘PMS Is a Serious Disease’

The leader of Australia’s opposition Liberal Party has issued a statement saying there is no need for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to apologize for her 15 minute rant in Parliament Monday accusing him of being a sexist.

Tony Abbott explains that Gillard was probably on a ‘sensitive point in her menstrual cycle’ at the time, and thus should not be held responsible for her outburst.

Gillard’s blistering attack berated Abbott for the hypocrisy of calling on MP Peter Slipper to resign over misogynistic text messages when Abbott himself is notorious for vividly vile misogynistic statements in the past.

In a passionately angry tirade Gillard listed Abbott’s offensive words, including a philosophical musing made while an MP questioning: “What if men are by physiology or temperament more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?”

She also challenged his association with party activists known to use such phrases as “Ditch the Bitch” in reference to Gillard, Australia’s first female Prime Minister

In a brief statement to The Daily Currant, Abbott says he’s not offended by Gillard’s aggressive behavior:

“I’m not angry with Julia. I’m a modern Australian man. I understand that PMS is a serious medical disease. I just hope she gets the treatment she needs, for her sake and for the sake of the Australian people.”

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