Romney Slits Candy Crowley’s Tires

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Romney Slits Candy Crowley’s Tires

Mitt Romney YoutubeU.S. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has reportedly cut the tires on moderator Candy Crowley‘s car following his devastating humiliation in the presidential debate in Hampstead, New York.

The 90 minute debate was largely seen as a victory for U.S. president Barack Obama, in no small part because of Romney’s repeated petty arguments with CNN anchor Candy Crowley, who hosted the event at Hofestra University.

After the debate ended, a humiliated and chastised Romney went directly to the parking lot and located Crowley’s 2007 Buick Enclave. He then borrowed a reporter’s pocket knife, and stabbed her two back tires repeatedly while screaming:

“Equal time you fucking cunt. All I asked for was EQUAL FUCKING TIME!”

“You think you can tell me what the facts are? Fuck you. You look like a beached whale with whale diabetes. That’s a fact for ya.”

The outburst soon ended as Romney’s wife Ann succeeded in calming the former governor of Massachusetts and returning him to the spin room.

During the debate Crowley sparred often with Romney over the timekeeping, and factual errors.

The bad blood between the two reached its heights when Crowley embarrassed Romney, calling him out for lying about when Obama stated that the Benghazi attacks were an act of terrorism.

WATCH: Candy Crowley bitchslap Mitt Romney on Libya:




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