London mayor Boris Johnson has called on American voters to defeat Republican candidate Mitt Romney in tomorrow’s presidential election.

The Conservative Party politician said in a interview with Sky News that Romney is ‘the most ridiculous person’ to ever run for the office and vowed not to visit the U.S. if he is elected.

“I just don’t understand how such a total twat like Mitt Romney gets nominated to run for the presidency. He has no charisma. No charm. Very little panache or ésprit.”

“His only achievement in life is becoming the world’s richest Morman. And he did it by evading taxes and shipping American jobs to China.”

“All this would be fine if the man had a good moral character. But he is the singly most dishonest human being to ever walk the planet Earth. This is a man who will lie about the color of the sky. Its breathtaking.”

*I urge all Americans to vote for Barack Obama and keep this human fail factory out of the White House.”

Johnson has had an ongoing dispute with Romney since he visited London ahead of the Olympic games this summer and questioned the city’s preparedness in a television interview.

WATCH: Boris Johnson destroy Mitt Romney in front of 60,000 people:




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