Dick Morris Predicts Romney Wins California

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Dick Morris Predicts Romney Wins California

Fox News political pundit Dick Morris says Mitt Romney will easily win tomorrow’s presidential election, predicting ‘at least’ a 25-point margin for the Republican candidate.

The veteran pollster and political prognosticator claimed in a interview with Fox blond newsreader Megyn Kelly that mainstream polls vastly underestimate Romney’s support in an effort to fix the election, and that the real numbers are much higher.

“Everybody who works in this business knows the game is fixed. There’s a built-in 10 to 15 point advantage for the Democrat in every poll.”

“If the Democrat is 10 points ahead, that means the race is tied. If the race is tied, that means the Republican is winning.”

“In this race, however, the bias is even greater. The media is in the tank for Obama. They’ve been systematically under-counting Romney voters.”

Pressed by Kelly for his specific prediction, Morris astounded by offering up the image of a complete Romney landslide:

“I’d say Romney comes home with at least a 25 point victory, gets 400 electoral votes, and wins all the swing states plus Pennsylvania, Oregon, and California.”

“California?,” Kelly responded incredulously “You think Romney has a shot at California?”

“Oh absolutely. He’s got Orange and Marin Counties. Obama has LA and San Francisco. It will all come down to the swing counties of San Bernardino and Riverside, but I say Romney wins the Golden State by 5 points in the end.”

Morris was an advisor to Bill Clinton before being caught up in a prostitution scandal in 1996. He has a history of making inaccurate predictions.

Watch: Dick Morris’s previous call for a Romney landslide:



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