Former Arkansas governor and Chick-Fil-A eating contest winner Mike Huckabee courted controversy today by claiming Hurricane Sandy was sent by god to warn Americans not to vote for Barack Obama in tomorrow’s election.

On his daily radio show the conservative commentator agreed with a caller who labeled the deadly storm a “a signal from God” and urged Americans to heed the divine exhortation.

“Hi Mike. I’m calling about the Hurricane on the East Coast,” said Barbara, the caller, “I’m wondering if you think the storm might be God sending us a message not to reelect Obama. It seems suspicious to me that Sandy came only a week before an election. That’s never happened before. ”

“And clearly God was targeting the Blue States this year for a reason. It didn’t go to the Christian staates like Georgia and South Carolina, it went to the athiest states like New York and New Jerseey.”

“Don’t you think the good Lord is trying to tell us not to vote for the socialist Barack Obama. Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?”

Solum Deum Regulas

“Barbara this may surprise some people but I completely agree with you. If you read the Bible it clearly tell us that natural disasters are not natural at all. They reflect God’s will. It seems to me, as a preacher, that Sandy could be God’s warning to America – don’t vote for the ungodly Obama of I shall smite you.”

“You know there’s a lot of talk right now about building levees in New York to prevent the area from flooding again. I tell you what we really need – to build a levee between ourselves and sin, which floods our hearts daily.”

“Part of that is voting for the less sinful candidate for president  I sure hope Christians take this storm seriously and vote their faith tomorrow.”

“And remember its not to late to get out and organize your friends and family. Pick up the phone, call someone and bring them to the polls tomorrow. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Huckabee mounted an unsuccessful bid for president in 2008. He is currently a television host on Fox News.



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