Romney Claims He Was Born in Toledo

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Romney Claims He Was Born in Toledo

Mitt Romney YoutubeRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claimed today that he was born in the Ohio city of Toledo.

The claim comes the day before the U.S. presidential election, the outcome of which is likely to rest on voters in this industrial midwestern state.

Romney was actually born in Detroit, Michigan, just 60 miles north of the Ohio border. This inconvenient reality, however, didn’t stop the notorious fibber from proclaiming his love for his newfound homestate:

“You know a little known fact about me, I was actually born right here in this very city.”

“Yep its true. My family lived in Detroit at the time. But my mother and father were on their way to a factory they owned in Bryan, OH one day and my mother unexpectedly went into labor.”

“I was delivered at the University of Toledo medical center. Oh wonderful place. They took great care of my mother. And the first thing my eyes ever saw were the great people of this great city.”

“Oh and I love coming back to Toledo, which I consider a hometown. The trees here are just the right height. And the lake has just the right wetness. Its just a special place to be from. And tomorrow Toledo’s gonna show the world that specialness by denying Barack Obama another four years.”

Michigan and Ohio are fierce regional rivals, competing for investment, manufacturing jobs and collegiate sporting talent. Romney’s father was the governor of Michigan and Romney has never lived in Ohio.

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