Fox News has called the 2012 presidential election for Republican Mitt Romney.

The official call came this morning during Fox and Friends when blond newsreader Gretchen Carlson made the declaration:

“Okay folks hang onto your hats, this is a big one. Fox News can now project that Republican Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts will be the 45th President of the United States.”

“Our internal election model shows Romney will win by a landslide, with a margin of victory of at least 10 points.”

“In addition to the entire South, he is on track to carry Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, and his home-state of Michigan.”

“Again in case you are just joining us, at 7:06 am Eastern Standard Time Fox News calls the presidential election for Mitt Romney.”

No Apologies

The projection was made despite the fact that voting had just begun on the East Coast, and polls hadn’t even opened on the West Coast. A spokesman for the conservative news channel dismissed criticism, however, that it had jumped the gun:

“Our model uses the most advanced statistical methods in the world to predict election outcomes. We are 100% confident in its accuracy. Besides, there’s no way Americans would reelect a man known to be an Islamic Communist born in Kenya.”



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