Texas governor and former Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry suffered another memory lapse today, forgetting Mitt Romney’s name for an agonizing 146 seconds on live television.

The incident occurred this morning outside a Texas polling station where Perry cast his vote. He had invited the media along for the trip intending to stage a photo-op afterwards in an effort to get out the vote. 

After casting his ballot, Perry met with reporters outside the venue, where one journalist had jokingly asked “Governor who did you vote for this morning?”

“Well I voted for Ted Cruz for Senate, Michael Mccaul for the House, and for President I voted for…well…um…”

At first everyone on scene thought Perry was mocking himself for his earlier failure during a presidential debate to name the three agencies of government he wished to eliminate.

But after about 30 seconds of fumbling, the journalists began to realize that he really couldn’t recall who he had voted for.

“Who was it again? It starts with an M right? Millard? Millard Filmore? No. Mitch? Mitch Daniels?  David Mitchell?”

Perry then pleaded with the assembled mass of reporters to give him a lifeline:

“Come on guys help me out. That’s not cool. You know who I’m talking about. The mormon guy. The governor…Don’t just stand there, say something. I know you know the answer, give me a break fellas.”

The reporters waited another 20 seconds in complete silence before one of them asked:

“Governor did you vote for Mitt Romney?”

”Yes. Thank you. Finally. Yes I voted for Ted Cruz, Michael McHaul, and Mitt Romney. And I couldn’t be prouder of our candidates today…”

WATCH: Rick Perry’s previous ‘oops moment’:




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