Conservative internet commentator Glenn Beck has called Obama’s reelection “the first step” towards total Islamic law in the United States.

On his live election broadcast tonight Beck proclaimed election night 2012 “the day Sharia arrived in America”.

Barack Obama was raised in an agnostic household, and professes to be a Christian as an adult. However, his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obamawas a practicing Muslim in Kenya.

Some conservative pundits believe this very tenuous connection to Islam means the president constitutes a Manchurian threat to United States’ Christian heritage.

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Beck has made such calls in the past, and doubled down on them tonight in an emotional cri de coeur broadcast minutes after the election was called for Obama:

“America I’m not scared to admit that I’m afraid tonight. For the first time in my adult life, I fear for my country.”

“We were once a great nation. A nation that followed the cross. That bowed before our Lord and asked for his guidance.”

“Today we shook our fists at God. We chose as our leader a man who does not follow the cross, but who lives by the crescent.”

“Sharia has arrived in America. And it will be a long and painful struggle to dislodge it.”

Not Available in Stores

After crying for about 3 minutes, Beck turned to the phonelines. Asked by a caller how long the process of converting to Islamic law will take, Beck offered a rough timeline of the coming transformation:

“I say we’re about six months away from Islamic blasphemy laws. Probably two years from mandatory hijabs in schools. And about three years from the first honor stonings.”

Beck then closed the segment by imploring  his army of listeners to buy a new ‘Sharia repellent spray’ he is producing:

“Folks when I worry about Sharia law I reach for my MuslimOff. This revolutionary new spray forms a patented protection barrier between your soul and the Islamic spirit. Only $29.99 and available exclusively at MuslimOff – how much is your soul worth?”


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