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Nate Silver Predicts Scarbourugh Remains An Asshole


New York Times political statistician Nate Silver has built a new statistical model which says there is a 93.4% chance Joe Scarborough will remain an asshole for the foreseeable future.

The morning television jockey had criticized Silver’s ability to forecast elections, calling him an ‘ideologue’ and a ‘joke’ on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program last week.

Silver’s election model predicted there was an 85% chance that Barack Obama would win the presidency, a number math-challenged pundits like Scarborough thought absurd.

But with his forecast now validated by yesterday’s election results, Silver is turning his attention to the pundits themselves. He explains his new project exclusively to The Daily Currant:

“We used a mixture of focus groups, polls, and advanced syntax analysis software to quantify the level of assholeness for each pundit. Then we used a modified Black-Scholes equation to predict how their assholeness will change over time.”

Silver says his model mostly conformed to his perception of each person, but one pundit stood out as an outlier:

“Joe Scarborough was far and away the biggest asshole in the group. We had to check the data six times to make sure his value wasn’t a mistake.”

The full list of Nate’s new Pundit Asshole Index is published below. The first value indicates the level of the pundit’s assholeness, while the second value indicates the likelihood that they will be a bigger asshole 1 year from now:

 WATCH: Joe Scarborough call Nate Silver a “joke”:



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