Conservapedia Declares Romney 45th President of U.S.

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Conservapedia Declares Romney 45th President of U.S.

Despite his loss in the U.S. presidential election last night, online wiki Conservapedia has declared Republican Mitt Romney the 45th President of the United States.

The factually challenged conservative alternative to Wikipedia was edited last night to describe a thumping Romney victory in yesterday’s presidential contest:

“Romney trounced the Kenyan-born Obama in all 51 states in the Union, plus the territories of Nova Scotia and Hawaii,” reads the article.

“The unprecedented landslide was made possible by three flawless debate performances in which he debunked the liberal fantasies of global warming, evolution, and racial equality.”

Virtual Reality

“Romney will be sworn in as president in January, along with his Vice-President Paul Ryan – a three time Olympic distance running champion.”

“He will take over the presidency from Kenyan citizen Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim president, who destroyed the U.S. economy with Communist economic planning and Sharia law.”

“Romney will be the first Morman elected president since Thomas Jefferson in 1800.”

Contacted by The Daily Currant an editor for Conservapedia says he stands by the article saying he doesn’t buy into the “liberal myth” of Barack Obama’s reelection.

Conservapedia is known for its inaccurate information, including entries saying “homosexual charity can be considered an oxymoron” and one linking belief in evolution to bestiality.


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