Former Republican Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin announced last night her intention to run for U.S. president in 2014.

Speaking exclusively to Fox News from her Wasilla, Alaska home, Palin said there was no time to waste in replacing the newly reelected Barack Obama:

“Barack Obama’s second term is going to be a bigger disaster than the first,” she said in an interview to Fox’s Sean Hannity. “We need to prepare our nation for the post-Obama era of prosperity.

“The next election is only two years away. That’s only 420 days. And when that day comes, I intend to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2014. ”

Alaska Standard Time

Apparently unbeknownst to Palin, U.S. presidents are elected to four-year terms. The next presidential election will be in 2016, when the Democrats will have to field a new candidate because of term limits.

Aghast at Palin’s gaffe, a panicking Hannity tried to walk her back:

“Governor I’m sure you mean 2016 right? You’re announcing your candidacy for 2016?”

“No Sean I don’t believe there will be an opening in 2016,” Palin responded, “Obama’s Republican replacement will be running for reelection by then.

“I want a clear shot at the nomination. And the field is clear in 2014.

“It’s Palin ’14 or bust. I already have all the stickers made and everything.”

Palin was the Republican Party’s candidate for vice president in 2008. She resigned as Alaska’s governor the following year and has since worked as a political pundit.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Palin’s campaign forwarded The Daily Currant a copy of her new bumper sticker:


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