Newt Gingrich Voted For Himself

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Newt Gingrich Voted For Himself

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich announced today that he voted for himself as a write in candidate for President.

The Georgia native ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination this year, dropping out in May and endorsing Mitt Romney.

However, Gingrich says when the time came to mark his ballot last week, he couldn’t in good conscience vote for anyone but himself: 

“The truth of the matter is I’m the only person actually qualified to run the United States. I suppose Romney would have done a slightly better job than Obama. But he’s not a revolutionary conservative visionary like myself.”

“I’ve been saving civilization since I was 12 years old with the power of my ideas. Romney can’t compare to that. No living person can compare to that.”

“The only people who would really compare to me in terms of leadership are Churchill, Washington, Patton, and Alexander the Great. Intellectually my only equals are Jefferson, Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci, and Copernicus. Faraday and Shakespeare are pretty close, but I’m probably a little smarter.”

Bridge to the 19th Century

Gingrich also decided to write in Confederate President Jefferson Davis as his running mate, saying he needed the best and brightest of the Old South in his administration

“I choose Jefferson Davis as my VP because he was a great American hero with excellent views on the food stamp question.”

“In Obama’s America the unemployment rate for blacks is over 15%. Homelessness is rampant. And over half of African-Americans are on food stamps”

“During Davis’s presidency zero percent of African-Americans needed food stamps to survive. They were all clothed, fed, and housed by their private sector employers. That’s the kind of future we should hope for.”

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