Angus Jones: Modern Family Cast Will ‘Burn In Hell’

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Angus Jones: Modern Family Cast Will ‘Burn In Hell’

Angus T. Jones, one of the stars of the hit CBS show Two and a Half Man has courted more controversy today by claiming that the entire cast of rival comedy Modern Family will ‘burn in hell’ for participating in the ‘satan-loving’ series.

In an interview with KKLA Christian radio in Los Angeles the child actor says that although he’s sorry for calling his own show ‘ungodly filth‘ last week, he’s not shy about speaking out against other programs that violate his Christian faith.

When host Chris Johnson of the Coffee With Jesus morning program asked Jones if Christians should watch Modern Family, he wasted no time laying into the Emmy-winning series:

Judge Not, Lest…

“Angus, you said your own show was filth. Now you’ve backed away from that. What should we be watching? I mean if Jesus were alive today, what would he be into? The Office? American Idol? Mad Men? Modern Family? – ” 

“Well Jesus certainly wouldn’t be into Modern Family,” Jones interrupted,”There’s more satanism in that show than at a Marlyn Manson concert.”

“I’m surprised you say that,” replied Johnson, “Most people consider that to be a rather family-friendly show.”

“I don’t know if you’ve watched the show enough to know this, but two of the main characters are gay,” retorted Jones, “As in like actual, real-life homosexuals. Man-on-man stuff. They live together in sin and adopted a baby girl they’re training to be a lesbian.”

“My publicist gets mad when I say this, but its the truth. It was Adam and Eve folks, not Adam and Steve. Homosexuality is about as natural as a radioactive Twinkie caught between Pamela Anderson’s tits.”

Everywhere You Look

Jones then explained that working on a ‘satan-loving’ television program can really affect one’s relationships:

“I really like Sarah,” he said, referring to Sarah Hyland –  the actresses who plays Haley on Modern Family, “We’ve met at a few award shows and she’s really nice. But I know God hates her and what she’s doing.”

“So is that why you two never dated?” asked Johnson.

“Pretty much,” Jones replied “Being a prominent part of the homosexual agenda will doom those people for eternity. The whole cast will burn in hell. Its hard to be around that condemned vibe. ”

The conversation then turned back to what’s right with television, with the host asking Jones for his personal favorites:

“You can’t really find anything wholesome on TV these days. Personally, I have a bunch of old Brady Bunch and Full House episodes on VHS. I usually pop those in late at night after prayer time.”

“Its really refreshing to go back in time to when Hollywood celebrated Biblical values. But what I love most about those shows is all the child actors turned out to be successful, well rounded adults.”

“I think the chick who played Stephanie on Full House is half-way off meth now. That’s something to shoot for.”

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