Congressman Calls For Arming Kindergartners

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Congressman Calls For Arming Kindergartners

tumblr_lrjq2y4Ojg1qij8k6Congressman Louie Gohmert is being roundly criticized today for controversial comments in which he suggests that future school shootings could be prevented if children were allowed to carry guns in schools.

The Texas Republican was interviewed by a local TV news station this morning about the issue of gun violence in schools, and he wasted no time laying the blame at the feet of “godless government bureaucrats” who prevent children from defending themselves with firearms.

“I think its time to finally have a national conversation about gun policy. Too many children are needlessly being killed in mass shootings, and it doesn’t take an idiot to see why.”

“Mass murderers are targeting the only segment of our population that is not legally allowed to defend themselves with firearms – children. If these young Americans were allowed to open carry, they could neutralize the shooter before he even walks in the door. It’s a national disgrace that we leave them defenseless.”

“Children may not be excellent marksmen. But if we give them small, easy-to-use handguns painted with Disney characters, for example, I’m sure they could do the job.”

Guns For Tots

Congressman Gohmert has a history of making controversial statements. In the aftermath of the Aurora movie theater shootings he blamed the lack of “Judeo-Christian Values” for the tragedy, and suggested if more people in the theater had been armed they could have prevented the disaster. And just last week he suggested teachers should be allowed to bring guns to school for the same purpose.

But the idea of letting young elementary-aged school children carry lethal firearms is a radical new departure, even for the extremely radical Gohmert. But in his comments the congressman seemed sincere, and challenged President Obama to move on the issue of gun control:

“President Obama I hope you’re listening to this. Your communist gun-control policies are depriving patriotic young Americans of the tools they need to defend themselves against heavily-armed lunatic shooters.”

“I’m calling for an immediate executive order allowing children as young as 4 years old to carry handguns at school. Arming our young ones is our only hope to stop this senseless violence.”

The Obama administration officially has no comment on Gohmert’s proposal, but the idea already has 65 Republican supporters in Congress.

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