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Obama Names Woman as Chief Receptionist


739px-ReceptionistsThe Obama administration reacted today to criticism over its lack of female faces in key cabinet appointments by naming a woman as the White House’s chief receptionist.

In a low-key ceremony at the Rose Garden, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew officially promoted 28-year-old Susan Michaud to the coveted position which had hitherto been dominated by men. 

The move is designed to blunt the widespread unease over the fact that no women have yet been named to Obama’s second-term cabinet to replace departing cabinet-level appointees Hillary Clinton, Hilda Solis and Lisa Jackson.

According to Lew, who himself is being promoted to Treasury secretary, Michaud’s elevation to chief receptionist shows the White House’s commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

“Susie makes the best cup of coffee this White House has ever had, helping us get a good start to our day. And when the menfolk are burning the midnight oil trying to govern this country, it’s Susie’s unparalleled take-out ordering skills that give us the fuel we need to keep going.”

“The White House wants everyone to know that we don’t let good work go unrecognized. Even if you’re a woman, we won’t necessarily assume you’re less intelligent or more lazy than a man.”

Here’s Looking At You Kid

President Obama declined to attend the ceremony himself, but the White House issued an official statement commenting on the nomination:

“Just a few months ago, our sweet little Susie was a junior receptionist working for a male boss. Now she’s a full receptionist with three other women working under her. This is what progress looks like ladies.”

“The White House recognizes that there has been a lot of criticism in the media about how few women we have working for us now. Well here you go America. No apologies necessary.”

Contacted by The Daily Currant, Michaud – who holds a master’s degree in international relations from Georgetown University – says she’s excited about her new promotion, but is still hoping the president adds more female voices to his administration.

“It’s a great thing for me to be the chief receptionist. I could really use the money. But I don’t really know how that helps women in America. It’d be great if Obama would name a few more women to his cabinet; we did get him elected after all.”


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