rush-limbaughConservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was refused service at a Mexican restaurant in Florida today while attempting to eat lunch.

The owners of Pablo’s Taqueria in Palm Beach Gardens say that they have a strict “no racists” policy and kindly asked Limbaugh to leave the premises when he attempted to place his order.

He initially declined to leave the restaurant, and after a brief argument was escorted out by security guards.

The incident began when the restaurant’s manager recognized Limbaugh as he was making his order. The manager approached his table and kindly asked him to leave. According to witnesses, Limbaugh then stood up and launched a racist, obscenity-laced rant.

“Now you listen here you little f**king chihuahua, this is the United States of America, not some banana republic,” Limbaugh bellowed. “I am an American citizen and I am hungry. I demand to be served.

“My ancestors built this country while yours were sacrificing 10-year-olds to the Aztec gods. This isn’t your country. It’s our country. You’re a guest here in America. And as a guest, you have an obligation to obey your hosts. Do you know what that word means? Obligation? It’s like a duty.

“Now go back into that kitchen and make me 12 chorizo tacos, 12 al pastor tacos, six chicken tostadas, six beef tostadas, three pork burritos, a plate full of churros and some f**king horchata. Now! Before I call immigration you wetback border bandit.”

El Rushbo Odioso

“Actually sir, here in the United States, the freedom of association clause in our Constitution allows small business owners the right to refuse service under reasonable circumstances,” the owner politely responded.

“Your ugly, racist views mean you’re liable to cause a disturbance in my restaurant. And I simply can’t have that. So you can take that outrage, put it in this ketchup bottle, shove it up your ass, and get off my property. Es su obligación.

Limbaugh was then escorted out by security from the strip mall in which the restaurant is located. In an interview, the owner of the restaurant, Pablo Pena, says his decision was practical and not political.

“I don’t have anything against Republicans,” Pena said. “I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. But this Limbaugh guy is a f**king pendejo. We serve a lot of families here. I don’t think his kind of rhetoric is appropriate for our clientele.”

Limbaugh is known for his controversial views on race and immigration. He has vowed to single-handedly obstruct efforts by Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform.


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