Sean Hannity Says Obama ‘Sabotaged’ Super Bowl

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Sean Hannity Says Obama ‘Sabotaged’ Super Bowl

sean_hannity1Fox News host Sean Hannity has blamed President Obama for Sunday’s power outage at the Super Bowl.

In a quickly deleted tweet the conservative commentator insinuated that the Obama administration hated capitalism so much it sabotaged the advertising-filled corporate event in an act of civil disobedience.

In a tweet posted at 09:07 EST – a half-hour into the power outage delay – Hannity posted his thoughts on the matter:


“Capitalist icon Super Bowl sabotaged days after Socialist @BarackObama takes office. Coincidence? #tyranny”

The tweet was deleted just minutes afterward, but was caught and saved by liberal bloggers. Power was soon restored to the New Orelans Superdome and play resumed as normal.

A spokesperson for Hannity says he has no comment on the tweet specifically, but hinted that he may address the controversy on his Fox News show.

“There’s certainly something fishy about a power outage that helped the liberals in San Francisco. Mr. Hannity will provide the details of his suspicions soon.”

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