rubio-waterFlorida Senator Marco Rubio may have a problem with excessive thirst, but his sense of humor sure seems healthy.

Following up on last night’s awkward water grab during his State of the Union response speech, the rising Republican star jokingly introduced legislation on the Senate floor today that creates a federal “dehydration awareness” agency.

“Dehydration is a condition that affects literally every single American,” Rubio declared to his colleagues. “Most of the time the cure is simple – drinking more water. But sometimes things get more complicated.

“What if your car breaks down in the desert? What if you’re on a weekend hiking trip and your canteen starts leaking?

“Or what if you’re on national television in front of millions of people and your water bottle is six feet away?

“There are times when simply finding enough water to drink is too difficult for some Americans. That’s why I’m introducing S.280 – a bill to create a federal dehydration awareness agency within the Department of Health and Human Services.

“This agency will be charged with creating advertisements and social media campaigns reminding Americans to always carry water supplies with them wherever they go.”

Rubio’s fellow Senators thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle, with many Democrats and Republicans chuckling hysterically.

In a brief statement to The Daily, Rubio says he’s just trying to parry last night’s embarrassing incident with humor.

“If you can’t laugh at your own mistakes, you don’t belong in politics.”


WATCH: Rubio’s ‘Funniest Drink in History”

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