_60343359_014785990-1Barack Obama said today that France has “by far the hottest” first lady of any major country in the world.

In an interview with French magazine Paris Match, the U.S. president praised the “astounding” physical attractiveness of Valérie Trierweiler, the domestic partner of French President François Hollande.

Obama’s latest comments come just days after he labeled California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris “the best-looking attorney general in the country.”

Although forced to apologize for those remarks, the president didn’t seem troubled by making another such comparison when a French journalist jokingly asked him to comment on one of their own country’s leading political figures.

“Valerie? Oh I think she’s attractive,” Obama responded. “She’s got that classy, refined European look. Delicate features. Banging body. She’s probably the best looking first lady in the world.

“There may be some tiny country out there, Uruguay for example, that has really good looking first lady that I don’t know about,” he explained.

“But of all the major countries – the G20 if you will – Valerie is by far the hottest one out there. And she’s 48. Can you believe that? She looks that good at 48. Wow. ”

Valerie Trierweiler
French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler
Pas Mal Ta Meuf

Obama then launched into an unexpected lecture ranking the attractiveness of the spouses of major world leaders.

“I mean Ms. Harper of Canada, I give her a six out of ten. She’s cute, got that blond thing going on. But Ms. Key down in New Zealand, probably like a four. He’s got mad money, I don’t know what happened.

“Samantha Cameron of the U.K. is fine though. Eight out of ten. Way too hot for David, he caught a lucky break there. Fredrik Reinfeldt’s wife in Sweden is smoking too. I heard they got divorced recently. Don’t know why he let that one go.

“I love Mexico’s new first lady. Used to be a soap opera star. Nine out of ten easy. I haven’t met all of (South African President) Jacob Zuma’s wives yet, but one of them has got to be hot.”

Obama belatedly remembered to mention his own wife, who many consider to be not too bad herself. “Of course no one is hotter than Michelle,” he added. “This is all, you know, for the number two spot after my beautiful Michelle.”

Baby Got Back

Obama’s remarks have set off a firestorm of criticism from women’s right groups, conservative political opponents and foreign leaders who felt slighted by the list.

The National Organization for Women and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich released a joint statement blasting his list as sexist.

“We find President Obama’s ranking of global first ladies by sexual attractiveness to be an inappropriate diplomatically and appallingly chauvinistic. We hope Obama apologizes and takes a most respectuful tone towards women for the remainder of his presidency.”

Meanwhile, the president of  the Seychelles, a group of islands north of Madagascar, also demanded Obama apologize for his comments.

“Everyone knows that the Seychelles has the hottest first lady in the world. We ask that Mr. Obama retract his remarks and restore her to her rightful place at the top of the heap.”


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