66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)Filmmaker Michael Moore signed a $10 million contract today to write, direct, and produce a documentary on the history of socialism.

The upcoming project from Annapurna Pictures will be filmed in Germany, Russia, Cuba, China and the United States and will argue that only a strict interpretation of Marxism can save the world from “global capitalist destruction.”

Tentatively entitled Go-Karting With Karl, the film will explicitly call for ending private ownership of real estate, the nationalization of manufacturing, and a 95 percent tax on banking and oil profits.

According to an Annapurna press release Go-Karting will “trace the story of the worker’s struggle against bourgeois oppression through the actions of humanitarian heroes like Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro.”

It also hopes to “open a dialogue with a global audience about the wisdom allowing out-of-touch fat cat millionaires to dominate today’s economy and politics.”

Some Pigs Are More Equal

The eight-figure payout for Moore is a record for a documentary filmmaker and puts the liberal firebrand in the same league as mega studio directors such as Todd Phillips, Jon Favreau and Tim Burton.

The deal also includes a clause entitling Moore to up to 10 percent of the film’s gross profit if certain box office thresholds are met, a figure industry insiders say is unprecedented.

Some observers on the left and the right have already criticized Moore’s exorbitant  salary as being inconsistent with the ideals of socialism. But in an exclusive interview Moore claims he’s still part of the working class.

“Ten million dollars might sound like a lot of money,” he explains, “but it’s peanuts compared to what Goldman Sachs brings in every year.

“And cash like that doesn’t go as far as you’d think. 10 mil buys you what … two … maybe three houses? And not even in prime locations. We’re talking Lake Michigan houses, not the Hamptons or Beverly Hills.

“And I got medical expenses, college to pay for, three personal chefs covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. This stuff is expensive. I still consider myself middle class. You want to see rich, go talk to Steven Spielberg. He’s got some extra change to spare.”

Moore also claimed that his film is going to be authentically socialist as possible, despite the sums of money involved.

“We’re not using capitalist union American crews, we’re getting some socialist non-union North Korean workers to do it for half the price. And we’re replacing our paid marketing people with interns recruited from socialist youth groups.

“I wish I could buy a socialist-built movie camera. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be very many factories left in Cuba. Don’t know why that is.”

Michael Moore is a noted documentary filmmaker best known for his films Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911. His latest film, Go Karting With Karl, is expected to be released in the summer of 2014.


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