Screen-Shot-2012-12-14-at-7.22.40-PM-1280x900Outspoken radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has called the Cleveland, Ohio, kidnapping case a “false flag operation” by the U.S. government and New World Order to increase police surveillance and enact gun control.

Jones questioned the official version of the kidnapping and the rescue on his radio show today and suggested it was another covert plot by the U.S. government, echoing similar claims he made about the Boston Marathon bombings.

Jones said the bizarre facts of the case – in which Cleveland man Ariel Castro allegedly kidnapped three women and kept them in his basement for a decade, fathering a child with one – led him to believe that the government was involved in setting it up.

“Does anybody really buy this whole story, that this Ariel Castro kept three teenage girls in his basement for a decade and nobody in this neighborhood knew about it?” he asked listeners. “I know everyone and everything that goes on in my neighborhood here in Austin, Texas, because I don’t have my head in the sand. And the media is now running stories asking how this could have happened and why no one knew or suspected anything.”

“It’s another false flag operation just like in Boston,” he added. “Now that they’ve got everyone wondering how this could have happened and how many people are secretly being held captive, I bet you the United States government, carrying out its orders from the New World Order, is now going to roll out some plan that allows the police to enter people’s homes without warrants, on the pretext that they are looking for kidnapping victims.

“Why this case? What’s the one place left that the government can’t get to you 24/7? The privacy of your own home, that’s where.”

‘Kidnap’ your guns

The bombastic gun-rights advocate then suggested that the kidnapping was part of the government’s larger plan for gun control.

“I bet you that as the police are searching our basements for kidnapping victims, they’ll be searching for guns, just so they’ll know where to look when it comes time to seize the guns,” he said.

“The New World Order and its allies in Congress failed to take our guns away, so now they’re going to use this threat of kidnapping to take away our guns and our constitutional rights in the name of safety and security. Kill two birds with one stone.

“What’s worse is that the American people, these cowards, are going to let them do it because they’re scared.”

Evidence everywhere, idiots

When a caller asked Jones if he had any evidence, Jones said all of the evidence was out in the open.

“You’d have to be a low-grade moron not to see that these kidnappings are too perfect and could only have been orchestrated by people who are adept at kidnapping,” he said. “And who’s better at kidnapping than the U.S. government?

“This Ariel Castro guy has got a history of criminal and violent behavior yet the police don’t do anything about it, probably because he was protected by the New World Order. These poor girls were kidnapped and brainwashed by the New World Order to serve their plans.

“That’s how sick and twisted and violent the New World Order is, and you all just sit on your hands and let it happen. I’m the only true patriot in this country who knows what they’re up to.”

Jones also claimed the media was a player in the conspiracy.

“Instead of printing the truth, I’m sure the media will try to discredit me by claiming Ariel Castro was a fan of my website, just like Tamerlan Tsarnaev,” he said, referring to one of the Boston Marathon bombers who had an interest in Jones’ website.

A spokesman for the Cleveland Police Department declined to comment on Jones’ claims.

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes people need to get a life,” he said before hanging up.


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