ann_coulter_rect-257x171Conservative commentator Ann Coulter walked out of a screening of Star Trek: Into Darkness last night, saying that the science fiction adventure had “too many minorities.”

According to witnesses at Regal Cinemas in New York, the controversial author was seen cursing out the screen and exiting about half an hour into the picture.

In an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show today Coulter defended her actions saying that liberal Hollywood had lost touch with average Americans.

“Apparently in the future the liberals have extinguished all the white people,” Coulter explained, “I mean they got a black girl running the communications, an Asian guy driving the ship and a pointy-eared alien doing pretty much everything else.

“I guess we’re supposed to just accept that minorities will be the new majority. This isn’t an entertainment film – it’s nothing but a pro-Obama, multicultural piece of propaganda.

“And of course its not even realistic. Since when have black people been able to speak foreign languages? And shouldn’t Sulu have crashed the ship into a quasar by now?”

Yesterday’s Enterprise

The Star Trek franchise has a long history of promoting multiculturalism since its inception in the 1960’s. It broke ground with a multi-racial cast and notably featured the first television kiss between a black and a white character.

The current film, which opened yesterday, is a reboot directed by J.J. Abrams featuring the characters from the original series. Critics have praised the film, but rarely mentioned its politics – a point which also confused host Sean Hannity.

“Now Ann, you know I love you,” a puzzled Hannity said, “but I’ve seen the film, and although there were minorities, there were also plenty of whites. So I guess I don’t see your problem.”

“Sean, the only other white people are foreigners,” she retorted, “you got one Communist from Moscow and a lazy, socialist engineer from Scotland. There’s only one red-blooded American white person in the whole movie – and thank god he’s the captain. The ship would fall apart in minutes without him.

“And Spock? The actor’s gay, and the character is ‘Vulcan’ – which is code for Jewish. But its not just the characters. The whole Star Trek thing is a socialist plot to brainwash our children.

“I mean no one actually owns the ship, no one gets paid any money, everybody’s ‘equal’. And they’ve been flying up there for years and still haven’t seen God yet. Karl Marx would have been proud Sean.”

Coulter is known for her controversial views on race, and is the author of the recent book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.


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