Tony Abbott’s ‘Mini-Wieners’ On Menu At Labor Fundraiser

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Tony Abbott’s ‘Mini-Wieners’ On Menu At Labor Fundraiser

074415-120223-abbottAustralia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard attended a fundraiser last night that featured a selection of miniature wiener sausages labeled the “Tony Abbott Special.”

The menu appears to be a response to a recent Liberal Party fundraiser which named a quail dish after parts of Gillard’s anatomy.

According to an attendee at the private event at a Watson’s Bay home, the menu described The Tony Abbott Special, named after the leader of the opposition Liberals, as “miniature Wiener Sausages stuffed with Bologna and covered in a thick, slimy sauce.”

The special proved to be popular with the guests, who were mostly Labor Party grandees and wealthy Sydney supporters. The Prime Minister reportedly tried the dish herself, but described the concoction as “too mild and slippery” for her taste.

Other items on offer included  an Indonesian “Asylum Soup” named after John Howard and a penis-shaped “Peter Slipper Cheesecake.”

Small Surprise

Yesterday’s controversial Labor menu comes days after a Queensland Liberal-National fundraiser served a Julia Gillard Quail with “small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box.”

That menu provoked outrage from the Prime Minister and others who lambasted the sexist language used by the hosts. But Labor’s outrage may temper now that they have their own menu scandal to contend with.

“It really is outrageous,” says Julie Bishop, deputy leader of the Liberal Party. “Everyone knows about Tony’s anatomical shortcomings. But to invoke someone’s penis size at a political fundraiser is beyond the pale.

“Breasts and thighs are one thing. But insulting a man’s family jewels goes too far. Julia Gillard needs to apologize to Tony and to the Australian people for this awful stunt. ”

A spokeswoman for the PM says Gillard has no intention of apologizing to anyone and describes the menu as a “harmless joke.”

“We were just trying to poke fun at the whole scandal,” she explains, “but if Tony Abbott really wants an apology he’s going to have to grow a pair and ask for one himself.”

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