deen25f-1-webCelebrity chef Paula Deen, embroiled in controversy this week over allegations of racism, added two cups of gasoline to the fire this morning when she blamed her troubles on Jewish people.

Deen, 66, was a guest of morning host Dave Garver on Atlanta radio station WTMI when she claimed “Jew executives” deliberately abandoned her in the wake of the controversy, which stemmed from a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former employee against her company.

The Georgia-born Southern-cooking maven is doing damage control in the media after admitting that she had used racial epithets in the past and had once planned a slavery-themed wedding. The ensuing backlash has led to Food Network dropping her show and several sponsors cutting ties.

When Garver asked Deen if she expected to return to the Food Network or to another network once the controversy died down, Deen said, “I don’t know, Dave. The whole situation is very stressful and very upsetting to me.

“I hosted one of the Food Network’s most popular shows. We had great ratings, great cookbooks, the fans loved me. But as soon as this N-word thing came up, the greedy Jew executives at the Food Network dropped me faster than a baked potato on a summer day.”

A shocked Garver responded: “I’m sorry, but did you say greedy Jew executives?”

“Yes I did, Dave,” Deen responded. “I made those Jews all this money and they still stabbed me in the back. As soon as it looked like their profits would be affected, they told me I was no longer needed. That’s Jew loyalty for ya’ll.”

Deen also had harsh words for the companies that have ended their relationships with her.

“It is heartbreaking but not surprising to see these sponsors leave me,” she said. “Target, Walmart, (diabetes drug maker) Novo Nordisk, Caesars Entertainment, Smithfield Foods. What do all these companies have in common? They’re owned and run by Jews.”

Garver attempted to change course by bringing up Deen’s recent appearance on NBC’s Today show, where she said she never intended to hurt anyone.

“I thought you were being very sincere when you went on the Today show and apologized,” Garver said. “You cried and seemed remorseful. You even asked anyone without sin to cast the first stone at you.”

“I was genuine when I said I was sorry,” Deen said. “It’s funny that this whole problem comes from the N-word because I honestly have no problem with black people. I have black employees. I have a black friend. I will even use the same bathroom as a black person.

“It’s the Jews I can’t stand. Not even my accountant is a Jew. I don’t think Seinfeld is funny. I’d even prefer an Oriental over a Jew any day.”

When Garver asked Deen if her comments about Jews would further harm her public image, Deen sounded dismissive.

“It doesn’t matter because Jews have it in for Southern Christian white people like me,” she added. “I suppose if I was an Oriental transgender lesbian prostitute with seven half-breed kids from Mexico, they’d forgive me.”

When contacted by phone, a publicist for Deen said she could not comment on the radio interview because she had just “parted ways” with her client.


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