Bob-Filner-ApologySan Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is under fire for a sexual harassment scandal, has called on Anthony Weiner to drop out of the New York City mayoral race and attend therapy with him.

Filner told reporters today that he has reached out to Weiner with the invitation to join him at the same behavior counseling clinic where he plans to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to change his behavior, following allegations that he sexually harassed at least seven women. Filner, 70, said he would return from therapy in mid-August as a better mayor and person.

“It’s obvious that Mr. Weiner has a serious problem, just as I do, with being overtly sexual around women,” Filner said when asked about Weiner’s sexting scandal. “Sexting already cost him his job as a congressman and now it looks like it’s going to stop him from becoming mayor of New York City.

“I decided on behalf of the people of San Diego to seek professional help in order to improve myself and learn how not to grope women and force my tongue down their throats.

“I think Mr. Weiner would also benefit from some therapy so he’ll learn how to be a better husband, father and public servant, as well as not to send pictures of his penis to strange women who are much less attractive than his wife.

“I don’t think Mr. Weiner is going to become mayor, so he should drop out of the race and join me here in California for therapy. I think it’s the right thing for him to do for the people of New York.”

Filner and Weiner, both Democrats and former congressmen, have faced increasingly negative attention and calls for them to step down over their respective scandals. Filner has refused to resign as mayor despite a potential recall effort, while Weiner continues to campaign for mayor.

Filner said he’s confident that two weeks of behavioral therapy will help him stop groping, kissing and intimidating women.

“Tiger Woods went to sex addiction therapy and he hasn’t had any problems since then,” Filner said, referring to the pro golfer who cheated on his wife with multiple women. “And Tiger actually had sex with those women, while Mr. Weiner and I didn’t even get sex from these woman.”

An attempt to contact a spokesperson for Weiner was unsuccessful, as the phone at his campaign headquarters had been disconnected.


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