Fox News Replaces ‘Obamacare’ With ‘Slavery’

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Fox News Replaces ‘Obamacare’ With ‘Slavery’

fnewsFox News has altered all news stories that mention the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare and replaced those words with “slavery.”

On, an Associated Press story that initially read “Democrats say no to defunding Obamacare” was changed to “Democrats say no to defunding slavery.” All mentions of Obamacare in the story were also changed to “slavery.”

Other news stories posted online included “Tea Party to Congress: Repeal slavery now”; “Poll: 75% of Republicans, 15% of Democrats oppose slavery”; and “Obama says lasting legacy will be slavery.”

The network reportedly ordered the change in the terminology after Dr. Ben Carson, a Fox News pundit, compared Obamacare to slavery, claiming that, like slavery, Obamacare is a “clear evil” that will have a negative impact on society.

Politics and language

Critics of Fox News have often mocked it for altering or changing words to suit its agenda. The network was criticized this month for describing the government shutdown as a “slimdown.”

In the past, the network has demanded its hosts and journalists to describe the “public option” as a “government option.” It has also turned “suicide” bombers into “homicide” bombers and “feminists” into “man-hating bitches.”

The network’s new word choice of “slavery” caught on with its television hosts.

On Hannity, host Sean Hannity and guest contributors S.E. Cupp and Bob Beckel repeatedly used the word “slavery” in place of “Obamacare” during a debate about health care.

“I still cannot figure out why President Obama and the Democratic Party are so keen to force slavery on every American,” Hannity said. “The United States Constitution explicitly forbids slavery, yet it doesn’t seem to matter to this president.

“Let me tell you this: Just because Congress passed slavery and the Supreme Court upheld slavery does not make slavery right.”

“You’re absolutely right, Sean,” Cupp said. “I don’t know a single American who is in favor of slavery, or who thinks they’ll be better off with slavery.

“Yet the liberal media would have you believe that slavery will help Americans who are going bankrupt and dying in the streets because they can’t afford to pay their doctors and hospital bills. It’s ridiculous.”

“I don’t understand why you conservatives are so opposed to slavery,” Beckel, the token liberal, added. “Slavery makes us more like Europe. Personally, I think slavery is the best thing to happen to America in years.”

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