CBS: Obama Ordered Benghazi Cover-Up

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CBS: Obama Ordered Benghazi Cover-Up

obamaCBSCBS News reported today that President Obama personally ordered an illegal cover-up of the Benghazi scandal.

According to documents obtained by 60 Minutes journalist Lara Logan, Obama instructed White House staff to destroy transcripts of telephone calls proving that he alone decided not to send troops to help personnel under attack from terrorists. Because of that fateful decision, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans lost their lives

The deadly Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, took place at the peak of that year’s presidential election campaign. The Obama administration initially downplayed the incident, blaming it on rogue protestors. They later admitted, however, that terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda were behind the attack.

These new documents prove that not only did the White House know immediately it was a terror attack, but it ordered the military not to intervene and then covered up the evidence.

“It’s shocking and disturbing what our investigation found,” Logan explains. “Our source inside the White House was Jason Childs, a summer intern. He describes staffers shredding transcripts of the president’s telephone calls that night. Luckily, however, he saved a copy.

“When you read Obama on that phone call, it’s breathtaking. The president of the United States had no concern for his diplomats on the ground. He led them straight to a certain death. This is much much bigger than Watergate … Nobody died in Watergate.”

Shortly after announcing her discovery on CBS This Morning, Logan posted the full transcript on CBS’s website. It purports to show a conversation between the president and Major General Patrick J. Donahue II, the commander of  U.S. Army Africa.

If confirmed the details of the call would be damning to the president, and could even lead to his impeachment. An exclusive excerpt is found below:

Gen. Donahue: Hello Mr. President.

Obama: Hello Patrick. Good to speak with you again.

Gen. Donahue: Likewise Mr. President. I wish it were under better circumstances … As you know our consulate in Benghazi is under attack. Our people are taking heavy fire from what appears to be a well-trained terrorist group.

Obama: Yes indeed I’ve heard. What are our options?

Gen. Donahue: Mr. President I recommend we put some boots on the ground ASAP to defend our people. We can’t just abandon them.

Obama: Interesting idea Pat. How soon could this be done, theoretically?

Gen. Donahue: Mr. President we have a strike force within range of the compound. Choppers are fueled up and ready to go within a minute’s notice … Should we deploy?

Obama:  No … No, Pat we won’t be doing that.

Gen. Donahue: But Mr. President if we don’t deploy, the Ambassador and our people on the ground will be defenseless.

Obama: Good. Never liked that cracka’ anyway.

Gen. Donahue: Excuse me sir?

Obama: You have your orders soldier. Stand down.

Gen. Donahue: Yes sir.

Obama: Allahu Akbar!

Gen. Donahue: Excuse me sir?

Obama: Nothing. Don’t worry about it. You have your orders. We’re not going in.

Gen. Donahue: Yes sir.

Minutes after publication of the transcript, however, questions surfaced about its authenticity. According to public records, no one named Jason Childs has ever worked at the White House. Indeed, some sleuthing by rival ABC News has revealed that Childs is actually a conservative Tea Party blogger from Arkansas who now admits he fabricated the documents and his back story.

“Technically everything on that transcript is made up,” he says. “But I’m sure if a phone call took place that night, that’s exactly what that clown Obama would sound like. I was just writing down what probably happened.”

In a major journalistic error, it appears CBS made no attempt to verify Child’s story. Contacted about these reports, Logan says there may indeed be some faults in her reporting.

“It does seem our source was less than 100 percent reliable,” she admits. “We may have to issue a retraction in the coming days. Stay tuned.”

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