Will Ferrell Parachutes from Space to Promote Anchorman 2

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Will Ferrell Parachutes from Space to Promote Anchorman 2

will ferrell spaceWill Ferrell parachuted from space today to promote his upcoming film Anchorman 2.

In a surprise publicity stunt, the actor was launched from Spaceport America in New Mexico and fell back down to Earth after a 22-mile drop along with a banner saying “Anchorman 2: In Theaters Tomorrow.”

The jump is the second highest ever recorded after Felix Baumgartner’s 24-mile journey in October last year. Ferrell reportedly arrived safely at his target site and is currently resting before flying to New York to appear on David Letterman tonight.

“I am enormously gratified to be a part of the Anchorman franchise,” the Saturday Night Live alum said in a statement through his publicist. “When Paramount approached me about doing an all-in marketing campaign, I promised to do whatever it took to get the word out.

“We realized that with one day to go until the film’s release, there were still a few hundred people in this country who didn’t know about Anchorman 2. Hopefully now this will generate enough attention to make them aware.”

Kinda a Big Deal

Ferrell was the title star in 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, which satirized the world of 1970s local news. Although only a modest box-office success, the movie went on to become a cult classic and a home video hit.

The long-awaited sequel has received modestly favorable reviews and is expected to revive Farrell’s career after a number of high-profile flops

However, it is the movie’s omnipresent marketing campaign that is attracting the most attention in the entertainment industry, with some calling its complex mix of co-branding, pricey advertising and promotion from Farrell himself a game-changer.

“This is what it takes to be a successful comedic actor nowadays,” says actor Ben Stiller. “I’m seriously considering climbing the Empire State Building to promote my next film. That or take a shit live on Oprah. I haven’t decided yet.

“But you need to do something extra. It’s not enough to make a really good movie anymore. Nowadays you need to make a passable movie and market the hell out of it.”

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