TinMintsWeedGirl Scouts in Colorado have begun incorporating marijuana into their cookies in an effort to boost sales.

According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, Sara Little of Boulder has sold more than $50,000 of marijuana-infused Thin Mint cookies in the last seven days and is on track to do more than $700,000 in sales this season.

“It wasn’t all me,” she tells the paper. “My parents helped out with buying the weed and helping with all the proper paperwork to ensure we weren’t breaking any Colorado laws. I ran the business side though.

“I realized that with marijuana I could create a self-sustaining source of demand. Coca-Cola adds salt to their product to make people thirstier. Why not add cannabis to make people hungrier?

“We established a legal business partnership with a local dispensary. They purchase the cookies at a healthy markup and they’re flying off the shelves. This is just capitalism. What’s wrong with capitalism?”

Highest Honor

Girl Scouts in several states have recently attracted media attention for selling their cookies outside marijuana dispensaries.  Although those girls were simply hoping to cash in on the drug’s ability to boost appetites, Ms. Little  decided to take things a step further.

“These cookies, naturally, are terrible,” she explained. “They taste like cardboard and sand. There is a cult following but I wanted to expand our market to people who enjoy good cookies.

“I was paying 50 bucks for an eighth of weed. So my cookies are much more expensive than regular Girl Scout cookies but competitive with the edible marijuana cookie market.”

Through her ingeniousness, Sara has become perhaps the greatest Girl Scout cookie seller of all time, smashing all previous records.

Although the Girl Scouts of America has in the past been reluctant to endorse the drug culture, the amount of money the new cookies are raising for the organization has apparently changed its tune.

“Marijuana is a perfectly legal substance in Colorado,” explains Nancy Johnson, the organization’s CEO. “We encourage our girls to be innovative and entrepreneurial. As long as she violated no laws, I really don’t see what the problem is here.

“Change may be hard, but if we want to be relevant in 100 years we need to accept that marijuana is an increasingly legal part of the cultural landscape. Personally I smoke a bowl two to three times a week, and I can’t wait to try these new cookies.

“Before legalization all this cash went to the drug cartels. Now some of that revenue is going to the Girl Scouts of America. I can’t think of a better result. Other states need to follow Colorado’s example and end this ridiculous prohibition now.”

Mainstream snack producers seem to agree with the Girl Scouts’ new position and are beginning to plan for a time when legal marijuana edibles become widely available.

“The kid had it right. Weed-infused products are the future of snacks and the future of our brand,” Nabisco spokesman John Keebler said. “We’re hoping to have marijuana Oreos on the shelves within 18 months.”


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