DimonMexicoAs the rhetoric in Washington, D.C. moves toward addressing income inequality, super wealthy Americans are expressing interest in moving out — and going south of the border.

Mexican immigration officials reported that their website saw a massive surge in visitor traffic in the weeks following President Obama’s executive order to raise the minimum wage. Data provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) showed that most online visitors originated from the United States’ wealthiest Zip codes.

Members of the elite 1 percent, who control more than one-third of the U.S.’s total wealth, said they were tired of being demonized for getting richer after the financial crisis, even as those responsible for the crisis remain unapologetic.

Many have found much to admire about Mexico, such as its sunny weather, delicious food, low taxes, oligopolies, lagging minimum wages, and the lack of government interference and business regulations.

“I’m sick of the class warfare going on in America, so I’ve decided it’s time to move my family and all my money to Mexico, where rich people are respected and treated like the gods we are,” said venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who compared attacks on one-percenters to Kristallnacht. “I can get a margarita and fresh lobster for under $10, I can buy a lot of cheap land along the Pacific without California taxes, and it’s more convenient to access my bank accounts in the Caribbean.”

Perkins said he also appreciated that wealth inequality in Mexico is no big deal. “The government doesn’t expect me to pay for things like roads or schools. My gardeners speak Spanish anyway, so it won’t be that different (than the United States).”

Right-wing musician and gun rights activist Ted Nugent wrote on Twitter that he was enthusiastic about greener pastures in el Sur.

“Did ya hear Mexico supports militias? A country that loves 2nd amendment and freedom, so there!” he wrote.

Mexico also has appeal for low-income workers. New York resident and Tea Party activist Doug Heffernan, a non-union electrician who earns $22,000 a year, said he admires Mexico’s attitude toward “takers” and “makers.”

“The Mexican government doesn’t provide anything to the people, so the people there don’t expect handouts like they do here in America,” Heffernan said. “As long as you work really hard in Mexico like I do, you will be successful and rich. That’s why all the lazy ones move here.”

Conservative radio host Sean Hannity, who has threatened to leave New York and take his money elsewhere, said he was also considering a move to Mexico.

“Texas and Florida still have cities like Austin and Miami, which are too liberal for my liking,” Hannity told listeners on his afternoon radio show. “And there’s no way I’m moving to a boring state like Kansas or North Dakota, so I’m thinking of going to Mexico, which respects hard-working people like me.”

“What I like is that everyone is a devout Catholic, and there are no Kennedys,” Hannity added. “They’ve never even elected a liberal president.”

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, said he was planning to use money from his 74-percent raise to move to “pro-billionaire” Mexico and prosper.

“The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, lives in Mexico,” Dimon said. “A lot of millionaires and billionaires live there. Labor is cheap and banks serve us. How bad could it be?”


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