copsThe New York Police Department has signed a lucrative contract with the Chinese government to provide training and expertise on successfully cracking down on peaceful protests by brutalizing protesters.

According to the $10-million contract, NYPD officers will travel to Beijing and train Chinese police on the best methods for quickly repressing political, social and economic protests against the government and rounding up protesters for arrest with minimal media attention.

NYPD advisers will place particular emphasis on how the Chinese police can handle any potential gatherings marking the upcoming 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, in which the military brutally suppressed pro-democracy activists.

Authorities in China — where freedoms of speech and assembly are restricted — said they were impressed with the NYPD’s reputation for serving the wealthy and privileged while using excessive force to break up peaceful protests, most notably Occupy Wall Street, and convicting the protesters in kangaroo courts.

“The way the NYPD  handled that Cecily McMillan case was wonderful,” says Bo Xi Peng, chief of police for Beijing. “Seven years in prison because she stopped a cop from groping her breast. I wish we could get that kind of conviction here in China. They’re the best in the business.”

NYPD Black and Blue

NYPD Capt. Mark McCluskey, a tactical adviser who is traveling to China, said he thinks the Chinese government and police can learn a lot from the NYPD.

“I’ve been watching footage of the Tiananmen Square protests,” he said, “and while I think the Chinese response was good — the tanks rolling down the street were a nice touch — I also saw a lot of room for improvement.

“Like dealing with the jerkoff with the shopping bags who stood in front of the tank. Personally, I would have sent about 10 riot cops in there to pepper-spray him and then kick him around and stomp on his testicles before dragging him out of the way.

“We could then have said he swung his shopping bags at us and charged him with assaulting a police officer because full shopping bags are a deadly weapon. Call me old-fashioned but the only thing separating good and evil are heavily armed riot cops.”

Beijing government spokesman Chan Ka-kui said he admired the NYPD’s recent #myNYPD campaign on Twitter, when users posted hundreds of photos of police violence.

“That shows the kind of proactive police work and community services the Chinese police need to learn,” Chan said. “I’m particularly excited about stop-and-frisk coming to China and keeping the Chinese people in line.”

The NYPD is also in discussions to provide police consulting to the governments of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey.


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