1200mcconnelKentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, facing a tough reelection, was spotted last night brandishing a hunting rifle at a Larry the Cable Guy comedy show in Lexington, Ky.

The Senate minority leader, who is unpopular in his homestate, was attending the “blue collar” comedian’s stand-up show at the Lexington Comedy Shop when he reportedly waved the rifle in the air and yelled, “Don’t tread on me, Obama!”

McConnell was asked to leave the event because the theater does not allow guns. As he was escorted from the theater, McConnell reportedly kept shouting obscenities and screaming about his second amendment rights.

“I think it’s outrageous that in this day and age a man can’t see Larry the Cable Guy perform while carrying a gun,” McConnell told reporters outside the Comedy Shop. “Without guns, Kentucky wouldn’t have produced great men like … umm, Wyatt Earp and Robert E. Lee, or Davy Crockett who defended the Alamo. ‘Remember the Alamo’ as I always say.”

McConnell denied that his unexpected appearance at a Larry the Cable Guy show was a desperate attempt before the election to seem like he’s in-touch with Kentucky voters.

“This is just a typical day for me in the great state of Kentucky, a state I love to visit,” he said. “Like all Kentuckians, I love betting on horses, listening to bluegrass music, chewing tobacco, eating fried chicken, watching Justified on DVD and drinking Jack Daniels, the best whiskey in the world.”

When told that Jack Daniels is from Tennessee, McConnell quickly responded: “Tennessee? Al Gore’s state? I hate those coastal liberal elitists in Tennessee. It’s the fake Kentucky. And that Tennessee whiskey is gosh-darn hooey compared to … Tim Beans, my favorite whiskey that is made right here in Kentucky.”


McConnell, who has been a senator since 1984 and built a strong Republican machine in the state, is facing tough reelection, including a challenge from the Tea Party, who view him as a pork-barrel-spending career politician.

The McConnell campaign has been inept, and McConnell received a tepid endorsement from Tea Party hero and fellow Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Earlier this year, McConnell shamelessly brandished a gun at the CPAC convention, where his speech received an indifferent response.

But outside the Comedy Shop, McConnell insisted to reporters that he is “a simple but proud Kentuckian who loves Cracker Barrel, Chik-Fil-A, Paula Deen, country music and grits.”

Before McConnell left the event in a Chevy pickup with a Confederate Flag bumper sticker, reporters asked him how he planned to help communities in eastern Kentucky that are facing unemployment and poverty from the declining coal industry.

“Hell I know. Build more prisons or NSA data centers: that’ll provide jobs,” he responded. “Ask the governor. It’s his problem.”


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