Tinder Bans ‘Fat Chicks’ From Dating App

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Tinder Bans ‘Fat Chicks’ From Dating App

o-TINDER-APP-facebookA damaging internal memo leaked today details Tinder ‘s plans to start hiding “ugly girls” and “fat chicks” from public view.

The revelation comes amid ongoing sexual harassment allegations between co-founders at the popular dating application, which since its  founding in 2012  has quickly turned into the dating app for people under 30 who are ready to mingle.

In the memo it states how Tinder employes are rating and filtering out “ugly” girls and hiding them without the users knowledge. They use the “Jager” test where if the employee would not “bang” her after drinking a full bottle of Jagermeister, a German liquor, then they go into the “barrel.”

Creator of the memo CMO Justin Mateen states, “With so many woman singing up, we have the opportunity to hide the ‘ugos.’ In fact, it is necessary for the continuing success of the app.”

He even defends his position when he writes, “It only affects 20% of the women. We find the other 80% acceptable for men to date. We just want to remove the bottom of the barrel girls. It’s like a frat thing but on a massive scale.”

“The genius of it is that the fat girls don’t even know they are being hidden, which is ironic. So, we don’t have anything to worry about.”

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Women’s rights groups are outraged at the findings. After initial sentiment to boycott the dating app after the sexual harassment case came to light, the leaked memo has brought on a new level of outrage towards the application.

Terry O’Neill, the president of National Organization for Women, said, “We can not live in a country with this sinister culture of body shaming.

“We are sisters, we are daughters, we are wives. What we are not is a picture to be judged by a few men in Los Angeles. Hasn’t Hollywood already done enough to terrorize little girls across the country?”

Not all women agree with Ms. O’Neill. Gwyneth McCarthy told the LA Times, “The more attention I get on the Tinder the better I feel about myself. So I think it’s a good thing. The less competition the better. Men get tired of swiping left so just give them the girls they want to swipe right for. That’s just good business.”

“I know my worth and it’s dozens of messages a day from guys with neck tattoos and sideways hats.”

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