477759639In wake of another tragedy involving a Malaysia Airlines flight, the company has decided to incorporate an interfaith prayer segment into its pre-flight safety instruction video.

In an interview with the Eastern Times, the company said the 90-second video will ask passengers to pray to whatever god they believe in and ask that the aircraft arrive safely at its destination.

“We don’t really know what else to do at this point,” says a Malaysia Airlines spokesperson. “We want to give all of our passengers peace of mind and do everything possible to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.

“So we’ve created a world-class airline with excellent safety practices. But I guess sometimes that’s not enough. We’re looking for all the help we can get.”

The embattled airline contracted Los Angeles-based Golden Fish Stick Productions to produce the video. President of the company Tom Godoski says it was an unusual request.

“It was an interesting proposition for us. We have done dozens of seat belt videos and ‘thank you for flying with us’ videos but this is the first prayer video we have been asked to do,” Godoski said.

“I think it’s a good idea,” says Susan Tibeto. “I pray before each flight anyway but if more people join in, the better chance we have of surviving.”

Joey Ambrose, a professional pilot who writes messages in the sky, wrote on his company’s blog, “I don’t think praying is going to do much if terrorist try to blow you up. I figure the terrorist are praying too. But it is a nice gesture on the part of the airline. Now only if they would add more legroom on those commercial flights.”

Some passengers are always looking for price value. Chicago native Tim Belushi, who frequently flies to Kuala Lumpur for business, told the Chicago Tribune, “I don’t really care either way. The company always buys the cheapest flight possible and as long as they put enough gas in the plane, I’m good.

“What they should really do is hand out free drugs so if something bad happens you won’t even feel it.”


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