GE CEO And NFL Commissioner Goodell Announce Initiative To Study ConcussionsNFL Commissioner Roger Goodell donated $150 to a New York City battered women’s shelter today.

The generous move follows a few rough weeks of controversies concerning physical abuse by National Football League players toward women and children. The league has seen several of its stars arrested on domestic violence charges, and is facing criticism it hasn’t done enough to punish the players.

Goodell, who made $40 million last season, is on the hot seat over the handling of the  Ray Rice case after video surfaced showing the Baltimore Ravens’ running back deliver a vicious punch to his fiancee Janay Palmer. Goodell initially gave Rice a two-game suspension over the incident, which many believed was insufficient.

There have been conflicting reports of whether Goodell or any executive of the league saw the video prior to the public release last week. As the investigation continues, the NFL and Goodell look to better their image.

“It is literally the least I could do,” Goodell said of the donation. “You can buy a lot of cupcakes with a hundred and fifty bucks. I assume that’s what they do at these shelters.”

The donation was made to Safe Horizon, which helps women who have been the victim of abuse get treatment and support in order to help live a better life.

Senate To The Rescue

Kirsten Gillibrand, a senator from New York, was appalled by the paltry donation given from the NFL commissioner.

“You’d think a guy who makes $40 million a year good at least donate a four figure sum. Guess not,” Gillibrand said.

“While I understand he has not done anything personally wrong, he is in charge of making sure the league takes the proper steps to make sure players abide by their code of conduct and by federal and state law. By not taking the matter of domestic violence seriously, he’s setting a poor example.”

This year marked the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act which set aside a fund to help prosecute crime against women. In this time conservatives have fought to cut spending and repeal the act.

Gillibrand spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and said, “This shows you they just don’t get it. Did he really think this donation would help absolve his failings as a leader?

“Simply put, Goodell’s $150 donation is a slap in the face to women everywhere.”


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