vegassportsbettingnflLas Vegas casinos have opened bets on who will be the next National Football League player to be arrested.

According to a report on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” most major sports betting desks in the city have begun taking “sports crime” bets in a move to generate extra revenue and get younger fans involved in betting.

“Doesn’t matter the crime. Any player booked for any reason is a winner,” says Rick “The Foot” Carlson, sports betting manager of the famous Bellagio Casino. “The chances of a player being arrested are pretty high, so let’s make some money from it and have a good time.”

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had the best odds among quarterbacks, with the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady being the long shot.

Among defensive players, the San Francisco 49ers Ray McDonald leads the pack, with the Texans’ J.J. Watt carrying the lowest odds.

As noted by SportsCrimes, a new startup that analyzes statistics for sports-related law enforcement bets, “Defensive players have higher odds than offensive players. Those who played college football in the South also tend to be arrested at a higher rate.”

Odds take into account the players previous police record. “If you had already been arrested a few times in college, the chances are obviously higher. If you had been arrested during your professional career it’s even more likely.”

The new betting game could rake in $100 million to local casinos said a gambling expert. “With basketball season right around the corner, we’ll be taking the same bets on those guys. I hear a guy for the Hornets was arrested for domestic violence just the other day.”

There are also side bets a gambler can place on what crime will be committed. The five options are, guns, drugs, domestic violence, drunk driving, and murder. “Besides roulette, these are the best odds in Vegas,” said Carlson. “Why bet on red or black when you can bet on drugs or guns?

“I wish I could go back in time to 1994,” he laughed. “I’d place all my money on O.J. Simpson.”


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