Sarah Palin Congratulates New York Giants On Stanley Cup Victory

sarah-palin-todayFormer Alaska Governor Sarah Palin confused the San Francisco Giants baseball team with the New York Giants football team this morning when congratulating them on their championship win.

“I want to congratulate the New York Giants on their hard-fought victory to win the Stanley Cup for the first time,” Palin told the Los Angeles Times. “It shows kids that if you work hard you can accomplish anything.

“These guys didn’t ask the government for handouts. They picked up their basketballs, took to the ice, and scored more touchdowns than the other guy. That’s the kind of can-do spirit we need in this country.”

In reality, the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball beat the Kansas City Royals in a nail biting Game 7 to become the World Series Champions for the third time in five years. A spokesperson for Palin says the former Republican vice presidential nominee has no further comment on the matter.

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