LouHoltzESPN analyst Lou Holtz claimed today that Notre Dame is the best college football team in the country, despite falling to 7-3 on the season with a loss to Northwestern at home.

In a broadcast of ESPN College Football Final, Holtz — a former head coach of Notre Dame — argued that Mississippi State’s loss to Alabama this week opens up a spot for Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish at the top of the College Playoff standings. The Irish lost in overtime 43-40 to Northwestern Wildcats, who came in as 17 point underdogs.

“I don’t count this Northwestern game as a loss,” he told his baffled broadcasting partners. “Because if you take away the four turnovers, Notre Dame would have won the game. Based on the film, they were clearly a better team.

“Now the previous number one, Mississippi State, lost. And TCU almost lost. Alabama should have lost to Arkansas in week one. Everyone knows Florida State is a joke. And Oregon didn’t even play this week!

“So if you count the Oregon bye as a loss, and then give Ohio State, Florida State and TCU losses because they looked terrible, then you’re really looking at a bunch of two-loss teams. And out of all the two-loss teams, Notre Dame is clearly the best.”

Holtz was the head coach of Notre Dame from 1986-1996 and later led the South Carolina Gamecocks. He has been an ESPN College Analyst since 2005, where he is known for his biased analysis in favor of the Fighting Irish.

Challenged by his co-host to defend his unconventional analysis, Holtz went even further by claiming Notre Dame could win against any football team, even ones in the NFL.

“The Irish have a balanced offense, with a fantastic pocket passer and great running attack. And the defense reminds me of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

“I think Notre Dame could beat any time in the country right now. Put them on the field against Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, or Oregon. The Irish will defeat any of them by two touchdowns. Heck they could probably beat the Raiders or the Saints at this point.”


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