obama_sony_balls“All I want for Christmas is for Sony to grow some balls,” Obama told reporters today in response to the movie studio pulling their film The Interview from theaters.

North Korean hackers broke into Sony Picture databases early this week and publicly released private information on current and former employees. This included everything from e-mails to healthcare documents.

In response, Sony caved into the hackers demands and decided not to release the comedy film where Seth Rogen and James Franco attempt to assassinate North Korea’s child leader, Kim Jong-un.

Kim was upset at the premise of his assassination and the 31-year-old dictator is assumed to have directed the order to wreak havoc at the Sony Pictures film studio. The order was executed without fail, and embarrassing and personal information was leaked.

As Sony prepared to take a $75 million loss on the movie, Obama gave his end of the year address where he noted the now infamous Sony hack. “What the hackers did was not right. But for Sony to give into their demands was the wrong decision.

“They should have talked to me first. I would have told them to sack up and show the movie so Americans have something to do on Christmas Day that doesn’t involve talking to their family members. That’s all I want.

“And also peace in the Middle East, but one thing at a time.”


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