Iggy Azalea Opens Fried Chicken Restaurant in Miami

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Iggy Azalea Opens Fried Chicken Restaurant in Miami

iggy_fried_chicken_wafflesPop-rap artist Iggy Azalea opened a restaurant in Miami yesterday specializing in fried chicken and soul food.

The restaurant, dubbed “Iggy’s Chicken N’ Waffles”, offers a variety of African-American inspired delicacies such as fried chicken, waffles, catfish, black eyed peas, collard greens, and  cornbread.

Azalea, a white Australian, says the South Street eatery is an effort to to reach out to African-Americans by giving them a better version of their own culture’s cuisine.

“Everybody knows I be slaying hard in the rap game,” she proclaimed to a local television station, “and with much success comes many haters.

“There are people accusin’ me of not being involved enough in our community, especially during times of great tragedy, like what’s been happening in Ferguson and around the country with cops killing my people.

“But I want y’all to know I do care and here I am. Nobody does soul food betta than Iggy!”

When asked about the authenticity of her menu items, Iggy responded, “First things first they’re the realest — my broasted potatoes lathered in butter. And you ain’t never had collard greens like this before. None of that vegetarian s**t — mine are the real thing, soaked in lard, like how our Grandmamas made em.”

After being inspired by the Southern rap culture of Miami, Iggy says her success has encouraged her to give back to her community by providing affordable and delicious food.

“Not only are my culinary skills on par with my freestylin’, but I am creating employment opportunities for my brothahs and sistahs,” she stated, noting that she has hired employees from the local population. “It really is important for me to give back to the community that made me who I am today.”

Azaliea, née Amethyst Kelly, has faced much controversy over the course of 2014, with many accusing her of appropriating black culture for profit though mediocre rap albums.  Some even accuse her of using an affected “blaccent” in her music and promotional appearances.

Iggy is also well known for engaging in numerous Twitter feuds with many of her adversaries, including rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Despite all the setbacks, it appears as though Iggy will continue to make headlines well into 2015, not letting her haters deter her from achieving all of her dreams.

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