Bill Cosby Claims Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Were ‘In Bad Taste’

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Bill Cosby Claims Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Were ‘In Bad Taste’
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Comedian Bill Cosby blasted satirical newsmagazine Charlie Hebdo today, saying their choice to publish cartoons critical of Islam was in “poor taste.”

Just days after making jokes about the multiple allegations of rape against himself, the comedy legend told audience members in Gary, Ind., that the French magazine had simply gone too far.

“No means no,” said Cosby. “Islam told them to stop but they didn’t listen. They were raping Islam. Islam was telling them to stop but they just kept going.

“There is a good lesson here. Don’t metaphorically rape the Muslim people and don’t you get shot. It starts by pulling up your pants and talking right.”

The shocked audience sat in silence as the former TV star continued his lecture. “The newspaper crossed the line. For 30 years they have been crossing the line. Eventually it was bound to catch up to them,” Cosby said.

Audience members were confused and mystified by Cosby’s ramblings. Attendee Glenn Towne told The Gary Gazette, “He started off fine, telling jokes and stories, and then came his lecture on all sorts of topics. It was bizarre. Definitely worth my $5 admission.”

Others didn’t find it as amusing. Sarah Small said, “I was appalled. Didn’t expect that. He use to be my hero; now he’s a gross, old man, bordering on dementia.”

Cosby is well-known for lecturing others about their problems — particularly in the African-American community — instead of focusing on his own alleged misconduct.

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