Sarah Palin: ‘Why Do Muslims Hate Charlie Brown?’

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Sarah Palin: ‘Why Do Muslims Hate Charlie Brown?’
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A confused Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News this morning and blasted Islamic extremists for killing the cartoonists who draw the Charlie Brown comic strip.

The Fox and Friends crew were baffled by Palin’s diatribe, until they realized she was mistaking Charlie Hebdo — the French satirical magazine targeted by Al-Qaeda this week — with the iconic American comic strip character.

“I just don’t get why Muslims hate Charlie Brown so much,” she proclaimed. “It’s good wholesome, family entertainment. I would think religious conservatives would enjoy that kind of thing.

“But I mean you just can’t win with these people. Every little thing you do offends them. First it was burning the Quran. Then it was that whole CIA ‘torture’ scandal  Now it’s Snoopy, Lucy, Pigpen and the whole gang.

“Well guess what? I don’t care if you don’t like Snoopy. That’s no excuse to go around murdering people. I can’t stand Dilbert. And don’t even get me started on The Boondocks. But that doesn’t mean I go round shootin’ up the place.”

The Peanuts comic strip, in which Charlie Brown was the central character, ran from to 1950 to 2000, making in the longest-running comic of all time. Production halted after creator Charles Schulz died, although new TV specials based on existing strips continue to be produced.

Although Charlie Hebdo’s name was inspired by the famous Peanuts character, it otherwise shares no connection to the American cartoon.

“I guess maybe because he was always playing football and baseball and celebrating Christmas?” Palin continued. “Maybe it’s just too American for them? I don’t get it.”

Palin served as Alaskan governor from 2006-2009. She was the Republican Party’s candidate for vice president during the 2008 general election.

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