Bachmann: ‘Muslims Invented Global Warming’ to Destroy U.S. Economy

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Bachmann: ‘Muslims Invented Global Warming’ to Destroy U.S. Economy

041414_bachmann_819Michele Bachmann claimed today that Muslims invented global warming in hopes of weakening the American economy before a full-scale jihadi invasion.

In an interview with Fox Business this morning, the former congresswoman from Minnesota was asked her opinion on the recent report that 2014 was the warmest year on record, a fact most scientists believe is linked to human-induced climate change.

“Muslims created the global warming hoax so we bankrupt ourselves switching to renewable energy,” Bachmann told a stunned Neil Cavuto. “Once our economy is completely destroyed, our military power will crumble, leaving us exposed to their jihadi invasion force.

“Everyone knows you can’t run an army on solar panels. So the Muslim Brotherhood soldiers will meet minimal resistance when they arrive on our shores. New York and Washington will fall in days. Chicago and Los Angeles a few weeks later.

“Within six months the invaders will establish an Islamic caliphate here in America. Headscarves will become mandatory. Churches will be burnt to the ground and mosques erected in their place.  Christian virgins will be raped in the streets by roaming gangs of Yemeni thugs.

“This is why the global warming lie is so dangerous. It’s clearly part of a larger plot to destroy the western world and establish a global Islamic empire. We need to expose these climate change scientists for the radical Muslims they are before it’s too late.”

Cavuto attempted to get Bachmann to roll back her comments, asking the former congresswoman if she had considered for a moment the possibility that climate scientists might be correct in their conclusions.

“Neil, my cousin’s husband’s best friend is a science teacher at Ramsey Middle School here in Minneapolis,” Bachmann explained, “and he says that the Earth has actually been getting colder for the past 50 years.

“Why would Todd lie to me? I tell you what, I trust him more than that Muslim guy leading the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change!”

Rajendra K. Pachauri has led the IPCC since 2002, overseeing the publication of several authoritative reports on the issue of climate change and its causes.  He was born in India and is a practicing Hindu.

Bachmann represented Minnesota’s 6th district from to January of this year. She decided not to stand for reelection in 2014 after a failed presidential campaign in 2012 nearly led to her defeat.

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